When it comes to pool safety in Brisbane, Queensland, compliance with strict regulations is paramount to ensure the well-being of your family and guests. The Queensland government has established stringent requirements to prevent accidents and drowning incidents around swimming pools. A&S Pool Fencing is here to guide you on making your pool fence compliant with the law, providing you with peace of mind and a safer pool area.

Key Requirements for Pool Fence Compliance in Brisbane

  1. Minimum Height and Non-Vertical Gap: The pool fence must have a minimum height of 1200mm (1.2 meters) and a non-vertical gap of at least 900mm between the rails or palings. To meet this requirement, you can modify your existing fence by installing wooden wedges at a 60-degree angle to ensure that the gap is non-climbable. This is an essential step in achieving compliance, as it prevents unauthorized access to the pool area.
  2. Maximum Gap Below the Fence: The gap between the bottom of the fence and the ground, as well as any other openings, cannot exceed 100mm. Ensure that your fence rests securely on a level surface or consider adding additional material to close any gaps. This requirement is in place to prevent small children or pets from squeezing through openings and gaining access to the pool area.
  3. Clear Area Inside the Pool Area: There should be a clear area of 300mm inside the pool area, free from any objects or obstructions. This ensures that there are no potential footholds for climbing over the fence. By maintaining this clear zone, you significantly reduce the risk of accidents and unauthorized entry.
  4. Gate Requirements: Pool gates must open away from the pool area and automatically close from any position. The latch should be at least 1500mm from the ground and 1400mm from the top of the bottom rail of the fence, making it inaccessible to young children. The gate’s functionality and latch placement are critical in ensuring that the pool area remains secure at all times.
  5. Glass Gates: If you have glass gates, ensure that the gap between the gate and panel is less than 10mm. The latch must be positioned at least 150mm above the top of the gate for added security. Glass gates add a touch of elegance to your pool area while maintaining safety standards.
  6. CPR Signage: Your pool area must contain a Guideline 8 CPR sign that is visible from all areas of the pool. This sign provides essential information on resuscitation procedures in case of emergencies. Having this sign prominently displayed can be a lifesaver in critical situations.

Modifying Your Fence for Compliance

If your existing fence does not meet these requirements, A&S Pool Fencing can help you bring it up to code. We specialize in installing and modifying pool fences to ensure they comply with Brisbane’s strict regulations. Our experienced team can provide the necessary solutions, whether it’s adjusting the gate, closing gaps, or installing safety features, to make your pool area safe and compliant.

Why Choose A&S Pool Fencing?

A&S Pool Fencing has been serving the Brisbane community for years, helping homeowners ensure their pool areas meet all safety standards. Our commitment to quality and safety is unmatched, and we take pride in offering customized solutions to fit your specific needs.

By choosing A&S Pool Fencing, you not only ensure pool fence compliance but also gain peace of mind knowing that your family and guests are protected around your pool. Our expertise in the field and dedication to safety make us the preferred choice for pool fencing in Brisbane.


Compliance with pool fence regulations in Brisbane, Queensland, is crucial for the safety of your loved ones and the community. A&S Pool Fencing is here to assist you in meeting these requirements, offering expert guidance and reliable solutions to make your pool area secure and compliant. Don’t compromise on safety – contact A&S Pool Fencing today and enjoy a worry-free poolside experience in your Brisbane home. We are dedicated to helping you create a safer and more enjoyable pool environment for your family and guests.